6 Handy Tips on Windows Password

Regarded as the first line of safeguard, a Windows password can effectively stop the unauthorized users from accessing your important computer data. And with the rising awareness on computer security, most PC users apply a Windows password to improve computer security. Well, it is pretty a good news. The following are 6 things you should care about your Windows password.

* The Windows password should be strong enough while easy to remember.
A strong Windows password should be at least 8 characters, consisting of alphabet, number and symbol. And passwords like ‘password’, ’123456′, ‘qwerty’, ‘abc123′ should be avoided as they are too common to be easily hacked by other. Besides, one thing must be kept in mind that strong password does not mean a difficult password. It should be easy for you to remember. Otherwise, it will bring you lots of troubles, maybe a disaster.

* Don’t contain your personal information in password.
Recently a survey showed nearly four in five (79 percent) web users admit to using personal information and phrases in passwords. Please remember never contains your user name, real name, company name, or other information when creating a Windows password. Others can easily guess your password composed of your personal information.

* Don’t use the Windows password everywhere.
Living in a world surrounded by various passwords, it’s not possible for you to remember all your passwords. And to resolve this problem, you would like to apply a same password to all their accounts. Well, this action saves you out of remembering various passwords, but it will put all your accounts at danger if one of these accounts is hacked.

* Change Windows password on a regular basis.
Apart from creating a strong Windows password, you should also change the password on a regular basis. No matter how strong a password is, it may get hacked if you don’t change it all the time. Most computer experts and online security professionals recommend changing passwords and account login information at least once every three months.

* Create a password hint.
A password hint can help jog your memory when your Windows password is forgotten. So it is highly suggested users should create a password hint during creating a Windows password. Please note that the password hint is displayed to everyone, so it should not be your Windows password or something that allows others to easily guess your created password.

* Create a Windows password reset disk.
Today the problems concerning forgot Windows password are on the rise. Creating a password reset disk before the password forgotten is the preventive measure as a password reset disk can allow you to reset a forgotten Windows password easily and quickly. If you forget to create such a password reset disk in advance, you’ll have to resort to Windows Password Breaker when you fail to remember your password.

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