I cannot remember the administrator password on my vista desktop, so I cannot download IE9 or Picasa or windows live photo gallery. How do I change the unknown password?” wrote by Jennifer in Yahoo Answer.

Refer to change forgotten Vista administrator password, the easiest method is to use the password reset disk on the condition that you have created one before the password gets forgotten. Forgot to do that job, next what you should do is to find a safe and reliable Windows password recovery software. The following will lists the top 2 Windows password reset tools for your choice.

Top 1. Windows Password Breaker
Windows Password Breaker allows you to instantly remove your forgotten Windows administrator password instead of hacking it. It has the smallest size among the tools I have ever tried with better capability and performance. To get started, you first need to download and install it in a computer that you can run as administrator. Why? In Windows Vista, only administrator uers have rights to download and install programs. Then follow the directions listed below:
1. Insert a CD/DVD or USB flash drive in computer.

2. Create a bootable password reset disk with the device.

3. Insert the CD/DVD/USB in the Vista desktop and boot from CD/DVD/USB.

4. You’ll see Windows Password Breaker under Dos command prompt. Follow its instructions to remove the forgotten administrator password in Windows Vista.

5. Log on to the administrator without password.

Top 2. Windows Password Unlocker
Honestly speaking, Windows Password Unlocker works similarly as Windows Password Breaker. Through Windows Password Unlocker, you can also instantly remove the Vista administrator password in minutes with a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. What differs is that you will go to Windows PE instead of Dos command prompt after booting the Vista desktop from the password reset disk created by Windows Password Unlocker. In Windows PE, you can remove the lost Vista administrator password within a few clicks. So Windows Password Unlocker is easier for operation.


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