If you forgot local administrator password for Windows 7/Vista/XP, it’s easy for you to reset it and regain access to your computer by taking advantages of the Windows password reset disk that can be created through the Windows built-in tools. If you forgot domain user password for your computer, the domain administrator will easily reset it once you ask for help. Then what if you forgot domain administrator password on Windows server 2008(R2)/2003(R2)/2000 machines that act as domain controllers?

Well, under this circumstance, the only effective way I can image is to find a strong Windows password recovery tool that supports to reset administrator password on Windows servers. Although there are many free and commercial Windows password recovery utilities on market, few of them include this feature. The effective one I discover is Windows Password Breaker, which helps you create a bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset domain administrator password.

Before you are trying this application, the following things should be prepared in advance:
1. A PC that you can run as administrator.
2. A blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
Note: A CD drive is required for CD/DVD.

When the things are ready, you can try to reset domain administrator password by using the following steps.

1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker Enterprise in the PC that you can run as administrator, and then launch it.

2. Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive, and create a password reset disk. And then insert it in your locked Windows server computer after created.

3. Power on the computer and boot it from the created CD/ DVD or USB.

4. You’ll access Windows Password Breaker under Windows PE. There’ll be 2 options available for domain administrator password recovery. Select one based on your actual needs.

5. Log on domain with the new password after password reset.

Note: Windows Password Breaker Enterprise can also used to reset local administrator and other user account password on all Windows platforms, like Windows 7/Vista/2008(R2) When they forgot Windows password for domain administrator.


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