Although Windows XP has been released for 10 years, there are many Windows XP users having no idea when he forgot Windows password. The following is an example extracted from Yahoo Answer.

I can’t login to my normal account as my password has either been forgotten or expired so I’ve been looking for ways around it. I read I could change it by logging on to my admin account through safe mode to change it, but when I do this the admin account is just a black page similar to the start up scripts. I don’t want to reinstall windows or get one of those hacker things so can someone help me out.

With respect to a lost Windows XP login password, the easiest way is to make full use of the built-in administrator account while the most preferred solution is to use an easy-yet-powerful Windows password breaker tool.

Use the built-in administrator account
1. Go to Windows XP logon screen and press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice.

2. On the coming classic log-on box, type “administrator” in the username box, and then press Enter. (If you never set a password to the admin account, you’ll be able to enter your computer via this account.)

3. Open Computer Management window by right-clicking Computer icon and selecting Manage.

4. Expand Local Users and Groups, and then expand Users folder in the left pane.

5. Right-click on your target user account to select “Reset password” to reset its password.

Use Windows Password Breaker
According to its official website, Windows Password Breaker is a powerful Windows password recovery tool for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003(R2)/2008(R2). With the help of this professional software, you can create a bootable password recovery disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset or recover any lost, unknown or forgotten Windows passwords instantly and safely.

1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional

2. Burn a bootable password recovery CD/DVD/USB drive

3. Reboot locked computer from CD/DVD/USB

4. Remove forgotten Windows password


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