What would you do if you forgot Samsung laptop password? Here I mean that you forgot Windows login password to your Samsung laptop and locked out computer, then what will do you? If you have no idea about it, following are some simple tips.

1. Use Windows Password Breaker.
Windows Password Breaker allows you reset lost Samsung password in a few minutes by creating a bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD/USB, regardless of your computing knowledge level and the complexity of your password. Windows 7/Vista/XP/200/2003/2008 are supported. No any data loss or damage:
1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker. 

2. Create a Windows password reset USB /CD/DVD.

3. Boot the Samsung machine from USB/CD/DVD.

4. Reset forgotten Samsung laptop password to blank

2. Use Offline NT Password Disk
Offline NT Password Disk is free Windows password reset tool to reset your forgotten Windows administrator password. If you prefer to fix your problem without charge, it is an ideal option:
1. Download the bootable CD image.

2. Burn the ISO to a CD with one of the ISO burning applications, as we stated before.

3. Boot up your PC with the bootable CD.

4. Drivers for both SATA and IDE drivers typically load automatically.

5. Select the location of your Windows Operating System.

6. Select windows/system32/config as your directory.

7. Select “Password Reset” as your option.

8. I would recommend to reset as a “blank password”. This works best.

9. Once blanked, press ‘q’ to quit and write the values to the registry.

In reality, you need not need to download the third-party programs as long as you have a password reset disk or another accessible administrator account. Unfortunately, most lost Windows password users forgot to create the password reset disk administrator account and only have one administrator account.

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