Get Windows Password Breaker to Reset Your Lost Windows Password

Without doubt, Windows 8 is the hottest topic among PC users and there are various rumors about this new operating system. It is said to support facial logon, 3D, built-in PDF reader, etc. And according to Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, Microsoft will ship Windows 8 for desktop pc’s and tablets next year.  Are you exited at hearing this news and expected to update to Windows 8.

Personally speaking, I’m very interested in this new member of Windows operating system. And as a PC user who easily forgot Windows password, I also wonder how to reset a lost windows 8 password if misfortunes happens. As a common PC user, have you ever forgotten or lost your Windows password and locked out of your PC.

With respect to reset Windows password, the most recommended ways is to use another administrator and a password reset disk. However based on my personal experience, the most applied method is to use a third-party Windows Password Breaker tool. Here will recommend 2 best Windows password recovery software for your reference.

Windows password recovery tool: Windows Password Breaker
Easy yet powerful Windows password recovery tool which enjoy great popularity among lost Windows password customers. Instead of recovering your forgotten Windows password, this application actually helps you reset it by creating a bootable password reset disk. It’s estimated it will cost you about 5 minutes to reset your password. And compared with other Windows password recovery tools, its file size is extremely small.

Windows password recovery tool: Ophcarck
Ophcrack is a free Windows password reset tool based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms. But it cannot recover passwords more than 14 characters and it will takes you much time to get its big ISO image file.

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