Recent news showed that the sales of Windows 7 reached 4 million. Have you switched to Windows 7? Have you experienced being locked out of your laptop since you forgot Windows 7 password? If so, you can try to bypass the lost password through command prompt. Below is a how-to for your reference.

Step 1. Turn on your computer, press and hold “F8 Key” as the computer is booting.

Step 2. When the “Windows Advanced Options Menu” appears, use the arrow keys to move to “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and press Enter.

Step 3 Log in as Administrator by entering the administrator password in the “Password” field. If there was no administrator password set, leave it blank. An alternate account with administrator access would work as well.

Step 4. You’ll see a command prompt in safe mode. Enter “net user” and hit Enter. It will list all your user accounts on this computer.

Step 5. Enter “net user Jane 123456” and pres Enter. “Jane” refers to your target user account name while “123456” refers to the new password of the account “Jane”. When it takes effect, you’ll be able to logon the Jane account with the new password of “123456”.

Step 6. Exit safe mode by restarting computer, and log on to the target user account with the new password.

Warning: If you’re not able to log in safe mode as administrator, these above steps are impractical for you. Under this situation, a good alternative option is to use Windows Password Breaker, which enables you to remove forgotten Windows password in 3 simple steps.


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