Q: I was given a Compaq laptop from my brother because he got a Mac instead. Anyway its running windows 7 and he cannot tell me the password to use it as he forgot it. I’m not good with PC’s so is there an easy way to get past it and change it to my own password. I don’t want to clear the hard drive. Please help.

A: Forgetting a password today is very common as we have too passwords to remember. Luckily, there are opportunities to retrieve or reset a forgotten password. With respect to a forgotten Windows 7 password, you can take the following tips for reference.

Tips to bypass Windows 7 login password
At first, the greatest way is to use a password reset disk to bypass your Windows 7 login password. Being a Windows 7 user, you are able to create a password reset disk before your Windows 7 password is forgotten. Go to Start button -> Control Panel -> Family Safety and User Accounts -> User Accounts, and then click Create a password reset disk link on the left pane.

Don’t have a password reset disk? It doesn’t matter. See if there’s another admin account on your Compaq laptop. Try to log into that admin account and reset the forgotten Windows 7 password. If not, additional help is required.

Among the third-party solutions, the easiest way is to bypass Windows 7 login password with Windows Password Breaker. By taking this method, you’ll be able to reset the forgotten password on Windows 7 in about 5 minutes, even you are a newbie.

What’s Windows Password Breaker?
Windows Password Breaker is an efficient yet easy Windows password reset app. It can help you instantly reset forgotten passwords on all popular Windows platforms, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Windows servers. 100% security is guaranteed. No any data loss or damage. Its password reset rate can reach nearly 100%. No need to reinstall Windows or resort to others. All you need to do is to reset your forgotten Windows password in 3 steps: Download -> Burn -> Reset.

Windows Password Breaker is available in 3 editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Here it’s highly suggested to use Windows Password Breaker Professional if you intend to bypass Windows 7 login password on a Compaq laptop. With this app, you can reset the Windows 7 login password with a CD/DVD or USB flash drive in a few minutes.

How to bypass Windows 7 login password with Windows password Breaker?
Step 1. Download and install
Download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional in any PC as you cannot access your Compaq laptop. Next launch this Windows password reset app.

Step 2. Burn a bootable password reset disk
Insert a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive in the computer, and then click Remove Windows administrator and user password link, next select target device and click Burn button. In a few seconds, a bootable Windows password reset disk will be created.

Step 3. Reset Windows 7 login password
Insert the burned bootable Windows password reset disk in your Compaq laptop and boot the laptop from the burned disk. You’ll access Windows Password Breaker in DOS command prompt mode. Here follow the DOS instructions to reset the forgotten Windows 7 admin password in 1-2 minutes.

After resetting the password, restart your computer and then you’ll be log into the Compaq laptop without password. Please remember to remove the burned disk during rebooting.


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