How to enable the hidden Windows 7 administrator account through Local Users and Groups?

As described in the previous article, the hidden administrator account on Windows 7 can enabled through Local Users and Groups or Local Security Policy, in addition to command prompt. Here we will discuss how to enable and password protect the built-in administrator account on Windows 7 through Local Users and Groups.

Steps as listed below:
1. Open Local Users and Groups. You can do so by pressing Windows + R to pop up the Run command, and then typing lusrmgr.msc in it and clicking OK. You can also open Computer Management by right-clicking Computer in the Start menu and selecting Manage.
2. When the local users and groups screen appears, click on the Users folder in the left pane.
3. On the middle pane, right click on Administrator to select Properties.
4. Uncheck the Account is disabled box to, and click OK.
Now the built-in administrator account in Windows 7 is enabled. Please go on your operation to set a password to this administrator by following the steps listed below.
5. After click OK in the previous step, you’ll go back to the following screen. Right-click Administrator to select Set Passwords…
6. When the following screen comes up, type a new password and confirm it, and then click OK. Now the administrator password is created. From now on, you need to log on to the administrator with the newly-created password.
7. Close the Local Users and Groups window.
8. Log off, and you will see the built-in Administrator account log on icon added from the log on screen.

1. The Windows 7 administrator password should be strong enough yet easy for you to keep in mind.
2. Don’t contain your birthday, real name and other personal information in your Windows 7 password.
3. Create a Windows password reset disk for the administrator account. If you forgot Windows administrator password, it will help you reset the administrator password easily and fast. Otherwise, you’ll have to resort to Windows Password Breaker to reset the forgotten Windows administrator password.

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