In some situations, you may need to remove your administrator password in Windows XP nothwithstanding it provides a layer of protection to your computer data. You may be tired of entering the administrator password whenever you are trying to access computer; You may be blocked out of your computer resulting in a lost Windows XP administrator. Whatever your reason is, here will show you 2 ways to remove Windows XP administrator password.

Situations 1:
When you can access Windows XP administrator account

If you plan to remove your administrator password in Windows XP on the basis that you still access the account with its password, it’s extremely easy for you to complete the task. The steps as follow:

Step 1. Log in your Windows XP computer with the administrator account.

Step 2. Open User Account window by clicking on ‘Start’ menu, ‘Control Panel’ link, ‘User Accounts’ link.

Step 3. Click ‘Remove my password’ link, and on the coming up window, enter your current password and click ‘Remove password’ button to end your operations.

Situation 2:
When you cannot access Windows administrator account

Under this circumstance, the best way is to use a Windows password recovery tool to remove your Windows administrator password as limited users don’t have rights to manage other user accounts on Windows. With Windows Password Breaker, you can burn a bootable Windows password reset DISK with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive in any computer that you can run as administrator. Then you can use the created bootable password reset disk to remove your forgotten Windows administrator password. Its steps are as follows:

Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker.

Step 2. Burn a bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 3. Boot your locked PC from the bootable disk.

Step 4. Remove Windows XP administrator password.

Pease note that no computer data will be lost during or after the process. And it only take you a few minutes. It is an easy to use password recovery tool for those computer users who once forgot Windows password.


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