You have good reason to feel frustrated when you forgot HP computer login password. After all, you may lack basic computer knowledge and know little or nothing about how to reset the forgotten HP password. Creating a password reset disk after adding password to your HP computer is the best way to in case of this problem.

With a password reset disk, you can easily reset HP password in a few seconds. But unluckily, you may never hear about this useful built-in tool of Windows as a result of lacking of enough computer knowledge or you may neglect this feature as you are confident about your memory. If so, you can do system restore with the recovery options offered by the computer manufacture or the Windows installation CD. But it is not recommended as you will lose some of your important data after system restore, let alone reformatting your hard disk by reinstalling Windows.

Under this circumstance, the only solution to fixing this problem is to seek for powerful yet easy-to-use third party software. In a matter of fact, there are various Windows password reset tools available on market. Windows Password Breaker is one of the best Windows password reset tools which enjoy great popularity among lost Windows password users.

This efficient Windows password recovery tool comes in 3 editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. With the Standard edition, you can easily reset your lost Windows local administrator and other user account in Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 with a blank CD/DVD. The Professional edition enables you to use a USB flash drive or blank CD/DVD to remove your Windows local password on all popular Windows platforms. And the Enterprise edition can even help you reset domain administrator on Windows server 20008(R2)/2003(R2)/2000 HP machines that act as domain administrator, plus all the features included in the Standard and Professional editions.

You can select one of the editions based on your actual needs. No matter what edition you choose, it’s easy and quick for you to reset the password when you forgot Windows password on your HP computer, with any damage to your computer data and settings.


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