“I forgot my windows XP password. Is there any way to log on even when I don’t know the password? I have tried every password that could possibly be it, and I cannot figure it out for the life of me!”

Since you are sure that you have no chance to recover the lost Windows XP password by recalling, just do as Microsoft suggested that resetting the forgotten Windows password by using another alternate admin account or a password reset disk.

Don’t have admin access or a password reset disk? Well, you can find an easy yet powerful Windows Password Breaker, which helps you instantly reset forgotten administrator and other user password on all popular Windows platforms, like Windows 7/XP/2008(R2), etc.

No need of any knowledge of the lost password; no data will be lost; no need to resort to others. You can solve your problem by yourself with this program, no matter what the level of your computer skill is.

1. A USB flash drive or blank CD/DVD (A CD drive is required for CD/DVD)

2. Windows Password Breaker Professional

How-to Guide:
1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional.

2. Create a bootable password reset disk With a USB flash drive or CD/DVD.

3. Boot the locked PC form the bootable password reset USB.

4. Reset forgotten Windows XP password to blank.

5. Log on the admin account without password.

Windows Password Breaker comes in 3 editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. With the Standard edition, you can only use a CD/DVD to bypass your forgotten Windows admin password. So if you want to use USB flash drive instead of CD/DVD, it’s required to purchase the full version of Windows Password Breaker Professional. As for the Enterprise, you can select this edition if you need to reset forgotten domain administrator password on Windows Server 2008(R2)/2003(R2)/2000 that acts as domain controller.


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