Forgot Lenovo Password?

As a Lenovo password, do you have the habit of setting a Windows login password on it to stop unauthorized users from your files and folders? If yes, you may come across the problem that I forgot my Lenovo password. Here mainly shows you how to reset forgotten Lenovo password.

Refer to a forgotten Windows password in Lenovo, the most convenient way is to use the password reset disk to reset it provided you remember to create one before the password is forgotten. If have, please follow the below directions to do Lenovo password reset:
1. Start or restart the Lenovo computer, insert the password reset disk in computer.

2. Enter a wrong password and press Enter.

3. Click Ok when an error message comes out.

4. Click the Reset password link and then follow the forthcoming password reset wizard to reset the forgotten Lenovo password.

If not, the following information will do you a favor. No matter what the level of your computing knowledge is, you can simply do the job by following the directions. (For Windows 7/Vista/XP /2000 Lenovo computers)

Tip 1. Use administrator account
1. Open Computer Management window by right-clicking Computer in the Start menu and selecting Manage.

2. Expand Local Users and Groups, and then expand Users folder in the left pane.

3. Right-click your target user account to select Reset password to change the forgotten Lenovo password.

Tip 2: Use Windows Password Breaker
Windows Password Breaker offers you the easiest and safest way to reset the forgotten Windows login password on lenovo:
1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker.

2. Create a Windows Vista password reset USB /CD/DVD.

3. Boot the Vista machine from USB/CD/DVD.

4. Reset Windows Vista password in a few clicks.

Tip 3. Use Built-in administrator account (For Windows XP Lenovo only)
1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del twice on Windows XP logon screen.

2. Type “administrator” in the user name box and then click OK on the coming “L og On to Windows” window.

3. Click Start, click Run box, and then enter “control userpasswords2”, click OK.

4. On the classic user account window, select target user account and click “Reset Password” button.