“I forgot my Acer password and now I cannot get in the computer” If you are annoyed by the problem or similar problem, the following information will do you a favor in walking through the difficulty.

To give a reply to the question, the first thing I want to make use is what the operating system does the computer run? If your computer runs on the ten-year-old Windows XP, try to use Admin or Administrator as the username and don’t type in a password the coming log on dialog box after pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del twice on the logon screen. In Windows XP, the default administrator password is enabled without a password by default.

If your Acer runs on Windows Vista or Windows 7, the following tips will do you a favor. It is also appropriate to Windows XP.

Tip 1: Is there a accessible user account with administrator privileges? 
If yes, please look at the following directions. If no, skip it and go to tip 2.
1. Acess Acer with the accessible admin account.

2. Got to start >> lusrmgr.msc(input in the Search box) >> press ENTER >> Local Users and Groups >> Users.

3. Right click the account needed to reset password, and then select Set Password.

4. Input and confirm the new password.

Tip 2: Go to another computer to download Windows Password Breaker.
Windows Password Breaker helps you reset a forgotten Windows password in a few minutes, regardless of what your Windows OS and PC brand are.
1. Install Windows Password Breaker and then launch it.

2. Create a bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD/USB drive.

3. Boot the Acer form the bootable disk.

4. Reset Acer password to blank by following its instructions.

Please note Windows Password Breaker comes in 3 editions, please select one that suits you beset. For Windows 7/Vista/XP, it’s highly to use Windows Password Breaker Professional.

Another thing you should know is that it’s required to create the bootable Windows password reset disk with its full version.


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