Top 3 Tips about Windows 7 password

If you’ve recently switched to Windows 7 from Windows XP or Vista, one thing you must do is to keep it secure by adding a strong password. Here will discuss about how to add and change Windows 7 password to keep your PC secure, create a password reset disk to in case of a lost Windows 7 password.

How to add a Windows 7 password?
Your Windows 7 password is the password you use to log on to your computer. It is regarded as the first liner of safeguard for your computer data. For a strong Windows 7 password, it should be 8 characters long at least, consisting of letters, numbers and symbols. Please avoid setting a weak password like “123456”, “password”, and so on.

If you have no idea about how to add a Windows password in Windows 7, please follow the steps listed below.
1. Open the User Accounts window by clicking Start button, Control Panel, Family Safety and User Accounts, User Accounts.

2. Click on the Create a password for your account link.

3. Type your password, type your password again to confirm it, type password hint and then click the Create Password button.

How to change Windows 7 password?
You can help keep your computer more secure by changing your Windows password on a regular basis. As for how often to change your password, it depends though some PC experts suggest that users should change the Windows password every 3 months.

1. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and then click Change a password.

2. Type your old password, type your new password, type your new password again to confirm it, and then press ENTER.

How to create a Windows 7 password reset disk?
Believe it or not, many users are troubled by a forgotten Windows 7 password as they never create a password reset disk in advance. To in cease of the problem, please follow the below steps to create a password reset disk with a USB flash drive.

1. Open the User Accounts window by clicking Start button, Control Panel, Family Safety and User Accounts, User Accounts.

2. Click on the Create a password reset disk link on the left pane.

3. Insert a USB flash drive in computer and click Next button on the coming forgotten password wizard.

4. Follow the instructions of the forgotten password wizard to create a Windows 7 password reset disk.

One more tip: If you forgot Windows 7 password without a password reset disk, you can use Windows Password Breaker to create a bootable password reset USB/CD/DVD to bypass your lost password in 5 minutes.


How to enable and password protect the built-in administrator account in Windows 7?

It’s well known that the built-in Administrator account is Windows 7 an account that has full access and permission on the computer, and will not be prompted by UAC. Unlike the Windows XP administrator account, this administrator account in Windows 7 is hidden or disabled by default. If you want to use this default administrator account, you can enable it via command prompt as follows.

* Enable the hidden administrator account
1. Log in to Windows with your regular user account.
2. Click Start and type cdm in the text box, and press Enter. Then open a command prompt in administrator mode by right-clicking and choosing Run as administrator.
Note: When prompted to allow the Command Processor to run, click on “Yes”.
3. When the command prompt appears, type the following command on it and press Enter.
net user administrator /active:yes
4. You will see a message that the command completed successfully. If you log out, you’ll now see the Administrator account on the Windows 7 logo screen.
Note: If you want to disable the default administrator account in Windows 7, you can also use command prompt to achieve it.

Make sure you are logged on as your regular user account, and then open an administrator mode command prompt as above. Type the following command:
net user administrator /active:no

* Password Protect the Administrator Account
Although the administrator account is enabled, it is not password protected. It is highly suggested that you should add a password to this account now. It will only cost you a few seconds.
1. Log on to the administrator account without password.
2. Open User Accounts by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking User Accounts and Family Safety, and then clicking User Accounts.
3. Click Create a password for your account to add a Windows 7 administrator password.
Tip: Don’t forget to create a Windows 7 password reset disk to in case that you cannot remember the administrator password.
In addition to use command prompt, you can also active the hidden Windows 7 administrator account through Local Users and Groups or Local Security Policy, which we will discuss in other articles.

What’s more, if you forgot Windows 7 password by chance, then you can get Windows password breaker, a useful Windows password recovery tool for users to reset their forgotten or lost Windows password, which helps you create a password recovery DISK, CD/DVD or USB flash drive is supported.


How to Create a Windows 7 Password?

In the previous article, I discussed how to create a new user account in Windows. So here I’ll show you how to add a password to the newly created user account. It is highly suggested that users should add a password d to a Windows user account. Why? As everyone knows, a Windows password plays an important role in computer data security. It can help Windows 7 users prevent unauthorized users from opening a file or program.

1. Log on computer with your target user account.
2. Click Start to select Control Panel.
3. Click User Accounts and Family Safely, User Accounts to enter the following screen.
4. Click Create a password for your account. The following screen will appear.
5. Input your new password, and then enter it again to confirm your new password. After that, you can click Create password to finish the operation. But here I highly suggested you create a password hint, which can offer some clues to your password if you fail to remember this created password.

Well, in addition to follow the steps listed above, the Windows 7 password in another easier way by using Ctrl+Alt+ Del. To take this method, you need to log on to the not password protected account, and then press Ctrl + Alt + Del. Just click Change a password link on the coming up Windows screen.

When the following screen appears, leave the Old password box blank, enter a password to this user account, and then confirm the user password.

A message that your password has been changed will appear when your operation takes effect.
Don’t think it is easier, though the first solution is also simple. The following are some tips and tricks concering Windows 7 password.

1. The password should be long and complicated enough so that it will be easily guessed by others. Meanwhile, it is easy for you to keep it in mind. Otherwise, the password can be easily forgotten.
2. Please create a password reset disk for this account after password created. This password disk is helpful and saves you out of lots of troubles if you forgot Windows 7 password. If you don’t know how to create, please refer to how to create a Windows 7 password reset disk.

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