Restore Your System When You Forgot Windows 7 Password

When you forgot Windows 7 password, you can simple reset the password by using a powerful yet easy Windows Password Breaker. However, the methods are not limited to this. If you prefer to reset your lost Windows password without additional software, you can do system restore through system recovery options included in the Windows setup CD or system repair disc. Here’s a simple look at how to restore your system when you forgot Windows password.

System Restore feature included in Windows 7 is designed to help you restore your computer’s system files to an earlier point in time. It allows you to create more system restore points and see exactly what files will be removed or added when your PC is restored. And it works only if you had the system restore program running before the computer’s critical system failure, as the program essentially keeps a record of the various firmware updates and can switch the system to a previously stable version.

When you forgot Windows 7 password, you can also use this method to bypass the forgotten password. But please notice you might lose your recent files by using this system restore. Following are the detailed directions.

Step 1. Insert your Windows installation DVD or system repair disc in the computer DVD drive, turn on your computer.

Step 2.I f prompted, press any key to boot from the Windows 7 installation DVD

Step 3. Select your language preferences -> Click on Repair your computer-> Select which operating system you want to restore -> Select the system recovery option you want to do. 5 options are available listed as follows, but here you just need to select System Restore.

* Startup Repair
* System Restore
* System Image Recovery
* Windows Memory Diagnostic
* Command Prompt

Step 4. Follow the wizard to restore your system to a previous state.


How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Password on Compaq Laptop?

Q: I was given a Compaq laptop from my brother because he got a Mac instead. Anyway its running windows 7 and he cannot tell me the password to use it as he forgot it. I’m not good with PC’s so is there an easy way to get past it and change it to my own password. I don’t want to clear the hard drive. Please help.

A: Forgetting a password today is very common as we have too passwords to remember. Luckily, there are opportunities to retrieve or reset a forgotten password. With respect to a forgotten Windows 7 password, you can take the following tips for reference.

Tips to bypass Windows 7 login password
At first, the greatest way is to use a password reset disk to bypass your Windows 7 login password. Being a Windows 7 user, you are able to create a password reset disk before your Windows 7 password is forgotten. Go to Start button -> Control Panel -> Family Safety and User Accounts -> User Accounts, and then click Create a password reset disk link on the left pane.

Don’t have a password reset disk? It doesn’t matter. See if there’s another admin account on your Compaq laptop. Try to log into that admin account and reset the forgotten Windows 7 password. If not, additional help is required.

Among the third-party solutions, the easiest way is to bypass Windows 7 login password with Windows Password Breaker. By taking this method, you’ll be able to reset the forgotten password on Windows 7 in about 5 minutes, even you are a newbie.

What’s Windows Password Breaker?
Windows Password Breaker is an efficient yet easy Windows password reset app. It can help you instantly reset forgotten passwords on all popular Windows platforms, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Windows servers. 100% security is guaranteed. No any data loss or damage. Its password reset rate can reach nearly 100%. No need to reinstall Windows or resort to others. All you need to do is to reset your forgotten Windows password in 3 steps: Download -> Burn -> Reset.

Windows Password Breaker is available in 3 editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Here it’s highly suggested to use Windows Password Breaker Professional if you intend to bypass Windows 7 login password on a Compaq laptop. With this app, you can reset the Windows 7 login password with a CD/DVD or USB flash drive in a few minutes.

How to bypass Windows 7 login password with Windows password Breaker?
Step 1. Download and install
Download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional in any PC as you cannot access your Compaq laptop. Next launch this Windows password reset app.

Step 2. Burn a bootable password reset disk
Insert a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive in the computer, and then click Remove Windows administrator and user password link, next select target device and click Burn button. In a few seconds, a bootable Windows password reset disk will be created.

Step 3. Reset Windows 7 login password
Insert the burned bootable Windows password reset disk in your Compaq laptop and boot the laptop from the burned disk. You’ll access Windows Password Breaker in DOS command prompt mode. Here follow the DOS instructions to reset the forgotten Windows 7 admin password in 1-2 minutes.

After resetting the password, restart your computer and then you’ll be log into the Compaq laptop without password. Please remember to remove the burned disk during rebooting.

How Can I Recover Windows 7 Password if I Lost Admin Password on Toshiba Laptop?

Problem: So bad luck that I forgot Windows 7 password of my Toshiba laptop. Most of my company data is stored on it. Is there a free way to solve this problem? I will also use paid method if it can help me regain access to my computer quickly.

Solution: Use Windows Password Breaker Professional
Since you are looking for a quick way to help you access your computer again, Windows Password Breaker, I think, is what you are looking for. This is the most efficient way to recover Windows 7 password that I have ever tried. By using this Windows password reset application, you are able to reset your lost admin password on Toshiba laptop in minutes so that you can log into your laptop again.

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5 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Being a common PC user, are you accustomed to using shortcuts to make your job more convenient. In Windows 7 Microsoft has also added new hotkeys to give individuals better control over their operating system. As a Windows 7 user, do you know these keyboard shortcuts? If not, have a look at the 7 most useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7.

1. Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Open Task Manager
Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc in Windows 7 works the same as what Ctrl+Alt+Del does in Windows XP. It will open the Task Manager. It’s very handy when your system freezes and you need to kill one or more Apps. It is definitely a better choice than holding down the power button and doing a hard reboot without a proper shutdown.

2. Win+Space : Quickly Show Desktop
Pressing the Win key and the space bar simultaneously makes every active window transparent so you can view the desktop underneath. It performs the same function as moving your mouse to the bottom right of the Taskbar. This is helpful if you need to access the desktop after opening several Windows.

3. Ctrl+Shift+N: Create a New Folder
When it comes to create a new folder in Windows 7, all it takes is a tap of Ctrl-Shift-N. This works in any open Explorer window, but also on the desktop. After the new folder appears, just type in a name as usual and hit Enter. It is very convenient. Just forget the old way of creating new folders.

4. Ctrl+Shift+Click: Open a Program as Administrator
Sometimes you are required to run some applications as administrator. To do this job, you need to right click on it and click on “Run as Administrator” so that you can make the required changes to the app. Forget it! In Windows 7, you can do it with a keyboard shortcut. You just need to point your mouse cursor on that program and then click on it while pressing Ctrl+Shift keys to open it as administrator.

5. Win+1, 2, 3, 4, etc.: Launch Taskbar
In Windows 7, using the Windows key along with the numbers 1-9 will let you interact with the applications pinned to the taskbar in those positions. It is helpful to keep your most used programs at the beginning of your taskbar, so that you can open them one after the other.

How to Create a Windows 7 Password Reset USB Disk?

“I forgot my Windows 7 password and now I cannot log into my computer. What should I do?”

This problem occurs to every computer users. To fix it, you need a Windows 7 password reset USB disk, which can help you reset the forgotten password. In this article, you will learn 2 simple ways to create a Windows 7 password reset USB disk.

Method 1: Use Windows built-in tool
Regarding the problem concerning a forgotten or lost login password, Windows 7 incorporates features to allow you create a password reset USB disk before the password is forgotten. It’s a precautionary measure. Unfortunately, many PC users ignore it. If you belong to one of those users, please skip and go to Method 2. If not, follow the directions listed below to create a Windows 7 password reset USB to in case of a forgotten password.

1. Log on to the Windows 7 computer through the user account that you want to create the password reset USB for.

2. Go to User Accounts window by clicking Start button – Control Panel – Family Safety and User Accounts – User Accounts.

3. Click on “Create a password reset disk” link on the left pane.

4. Follow the coming Forgotten Windows Password Wizard and create a password reset disk with a USB flash drive.

Note: This method is only available before you forgot the Windows 7 password.

Method 2: Use Windows password reset tool
Windows Password Breaker is easy yet powerful Windows 7 password reset tool. It can help you burn a Windows password reset USB disk to reset your forgotten login password for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000. 100% secure. No any data loss or damage.

1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional in any computer.

2. Launch the program and insert a USB flash drive in computer.

3. Burn a Windows 7 password reset USB disk by clicking on “Remove Windows Local password” – selecting USB flash drive – clicking Burn button.

You can create a Windows 7 password reset USB by following the steps above whenever you want to. But usually users turn to it when they forgot Windows 7 password and cannot access computer any longer. What’s more, this disk is a bootable one.

How to use the Windows 7 password reset USB disk?
The Windows 7 password reset USB disk either by method 1 or method 2 can efficiently reset your forgotten Windows 7 password. But it differs in using the disk to reset your lost Windows 7 password.

For the Windows 7 password reset USB created by the former method, just start/restart your Windows 7 machine. On the login screen, click the target user account and try to log into it with a wrong password. Then you will see a “Reset password” link under the password box. Click it and bring up the Password Reset wizard. Next all you should do is to follow the wizard and reset your forgotten Windows password to a new one.

To use the Windows 7 password reset USB created through Windows Password Breaker, insert the disk in the computer you want to reset password of. Next start the computer from the disk and you’ll be able to reset your lost Windows 7 password to blank under DOS command prompt. It is very easy and takes you about one minute.