Can I Reset Windows Password with a Guest Account?

Today it’s easy for you to meet some computer errors with the increasingly important role computer play in our daily life and work. As a common PC user, have you ever come across the following problems or similar problems?

How to reset my Windows 7 password through guest?
How do I reset my Windows xp administrator password in a guest account?
How to get administrator password from guest in Windows XP?
How do you Change an Administrator’s Password with the Guest Account (Windows 7)?
I forgot my password to Windows vista home premium the only other account I can access is guest, what should I do?

I forgot my Windows password and now cant log on to my computer, except the guest account?

It dawns on you that it’s impossible for one to manage other user account password through a guest account if you understand what a guest account is? According to Microsoft, a guest user is only able to use your computer without having access to your personal files. Using the guest account can’t install software or hardware, change settings, or create a password. It is an account for users who don’t have a permanent account on your computer.

If you forgot Windows password with only a guest account accessible, the best choice is to seek for an easy yet powerful Windows password reset tool, as far as I’m concerned. With Windows Password Breaker, you can easily, fast and safely reset Windows password forgotten or lost by creating a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive. The steps as follows:

1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker in the PC that you can run as administrator, and then launch it.
2. Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive, and create a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
3. Insert the disk in the locked PC, power on the computer, and press Del or other keys to access BIOS utility. Then set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD or USB.
4. You’ll access Windows Password Breaker under DOS, follow its instructions to do Windows password reset.
5. Log in to your Windows user account without password after password reset.

The whole Windows password reset process cost only a few minutes, and you can get a password recovery disk for your locked PC, when anytime you forgot Windows password on this computer, just take it out to reset your password, easily.

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Forgot Toshiba Windows Vista Password? Not Fear!

Question: I have a Toshiba laptop running on Windows Vista and I have forgotten my password.
I am not given a password hint after entering it in wrong. All I am given is a “reset password” prompt which tells me to put in a boot-able CD or USB drive, however, no matter what I try it doesn’t work. I have read that if I can get the Administrator account to appear on the log-in screen, that all of my problems will go away as I will be able to log-in. This doesn’t seem to be the case for me though, as I have tried multiple ways to do this to no avail. Please help!

By analyzing this problem, we conclude that the best way for this lost Windows password customer is to find a powerful yet easy-to-use Windows Password recovery tool like Windows Password Breaker Professional, in view of that this customer is not good at computer.

Before following the steps below, let’s understand what Windows Password Breaker Professional is. Windows Password Breaker Professional is professionally designed to help personal and business users involved with a forgotten Windows logon password. With this efficient utility, you are able to create a Windows password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset forgotten Windows password, even though you cannot access your laptop. What’s more important, it claims 100% success rate, instant recovery and 100% security. It means you can successfully reset your forgotten Windows password in minutes without any computer data and settings damage or modification.

Please follow the steps listed blow to perform Windows Vista password recovery.
1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional in an accessible PC.
2. Insert a CD/DVD or USB flash drive in your computer, and then launch this program.
3. Select target CD/DVD or USB device and click Burn. Then click Yes to confirm and proceed on the following dialog box.
4. Click OK when the burning task completes. Now a boot-able Windows password reset disk is created.
5. Insert the burned CD/DVD or USB in your locked computer.
6. Turn on the computer, press F2, Delete, F10 or other keys to enter BIOS Setup while rebooting. And then make necessary changes in BIOS to configure the computer to boot from CD ROM or USB.
7. On the coming up Window, follow its instructions to reset Windows Vista password.

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How to enable and password protect the built-in administrator account in Windows 7?

It’s well known that the built-in Administrator account is Windows 7 an account that has full access and permission on the computer, and will not be prompted by UAC. Unlike the Windows XP administrator account, this administrator account in Windows 7 is hidden or disabled by default. If you want to use this default administrator account, you can enable it via command prompt as follows.

* Enable the hidden administrator account
1. Log in to Windows with your regular user account.
2. Click Start and type cdm in the text box, and press Enter. Then open a command prompt in administrator mode by right-clicking and choosing Run as administrator.
Note: When prompted to allow the Command Processor to run, click on “Yes”.
3. When the command prompt appears, type the following command on it and press Enter.
net user administrator /active:yes
4. You will see a message that the command completed successfully. If you log out, you’ll now see the Administrator account on the Windows 7 logo screen.
Note: If you want to disable the default administrator account in Windows 7, you can also use command prompt to achieve it.

Make sure you are logged on as your regular user account, and then open an administrator mode command prompt as above. Type the following command:
net user administrator /active:no

* Password Protect the Administrator Account
Although the administrator account is enabled, it is not password protected. It is highly suggested that you should add a password to this account now. It will only cost you a few seconds.
1. Log on to the administrator account without password.
2. Open User Accounts by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking User Accounts and Family Safety, and then clicking User Accounts.
3. Click Create a password for your account to add a Windows 7 administrator password.
Tip: Don’t forget to create a Windows 7 password reset disk to in case that you cannot remember the administrator password.
In addition to use command prompt, you can also active the hidden Windows 7 administrator account through Local Users and Groups or Local Security Policy, which we will discuss in other articles.

What’s more, if you forgot Windows 7 password by chance, then you can get Windows password breaker, a useful Windows password recovery tool for users to reset their forgotten or lost Windows password, which helps you create a password recovery DISK, CD/DVD or USB flash drive is supported.


How to create a Windows 7 password reset disk after the password is forgotten?

When it comes to Windows 7 password reset disk, nearly everyone will think of the built-in Windows tool which allows users to create a password reset disk to in case of forgetting password. Well, this is an amazing Windows feature. But the only disadvantage is that the password reset disk must be created before the password is forgotten.

Actually, most users involved with a forgotten Windows password never remember to create a password reset disk in advance. It seems that you have no choice but reinstalling Windows on that condition. Have you ever wondered how to create a Windows 7 password reset disk after the password is forgotten or when you are locked of your computer? Here is good news for you. As long as you get Windows Password Breaker, you’ll be able to create a password reset disk, even though you cannot access your password-protected computer.

What’s Windows Password Breaker?
Windows Password Breaker is a powerful Windows password recovery tool which enables you to create a password recovery disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset Windows passwords with ease.

How to create a password reset disk with this program?
1. An accessible computer;
2. A Blank CD/DVD;
3. CD-ROM±RW drive.

1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker in any accessible computer.
2. Insert a blank CD/DVD to computer.
3. Click on Remove Windows Local password.
3. Select CD/DVD and click Burn to start burning a password reset CD/DVD.
4. Click OK when the password reset CD/DVD is created and take it out of computer.

If you intend to reset a forgotten Windows 7 password with this disk, please insert the created password reset disk in your locked Windows 7 laptop, turn on the computer, press F2, Delete, F10 or other keys to enter BIOS Setup while rebooting, and then make necessary changes in BIOS to configure the computer to boot from CD ROM. Then you’ll be able to do Windows 7 password reset in Win PE. It will take you a few minutes.

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Forgot Password to My windows 7 Account, What Should I do?

Problem: I have a very serious issue. I have worked on my laptop, but my friend when drunk has changed my password for my account and now he doesn’t remember what the password has been changed to. Mine is the only account on the laptop and I was wondering is there like a root access that I can do to get onto my account and change the password back? If anyone could help, I will be really grateful and you will save me from a lot of trouble. Thank you in advance.

Solution: Have you ever come across this or similar problem?  Did you feel impressed at that time? Well, I think if you have created a password reset disk for your Windows 7 account before, you will not feel panic at all.  With a Windows 7 password reset disk at hand, you can simply remove the lost Windows password as follows:

Step1: Start your computer to enter Windows 7 log-on screen.
Step 2: Insert your created password reset disk in computer
Step 3: Enter an incorrect password when logging into your account. And click OK when a message displays.
Step 4: A Reset password link displays below the Password edit box on the login screen. Click the link.
Step 5: The Welcome screen of the Password Reset Wizard displays. Follow the instructions to reset Windows 7 password.

If you don’t have a password reset disk, it’s still no need to feel worried as long as you get powerful Windows password reset software. Here I highly recommend that you have a try of Windows Password Breaker, which allows you to create a password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive to remove the lost Windows 7 password in minutes. Just do as follows:

Step 1: Download Windows Password Beaker from and install it in any accessible computer.
Step 2: Burn a password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive with the program.
Step 3: Boot your locked computer from CD/DVD or USB.
Step 4: Reset lost Windows 7 password with the burned CD/DVD or USB drive.

Windows Password Breaker claims 100% recovery rate without any damage to your computer data and settings.  And it is an instant password recovery tool, which means you regain access to you locked Windows 7 computers in a few minutes. Based on my personal experience, it only takes 4 minutes to finish the Windows password recovery process.

Tip: To in case that you may experience a similar situation, it’s highly recommended that you create a password reset disk for your Windows 7 account and set a password hint.