I forgot my password on windows XP

“I forgot my windows XP password. Is there any way to log on even when I don’t know the password? I have tried every password that could possibly be it, and I cannot figure it out for the life of me!”

Since you are sure that you have no chance to recover the lost Windows XP password by recalling, just do as Microsoft suggested that resetting the forgotten Windows password by using another alternate admin account or a password reset disk.

Don’t have admin access or a password reset disk? Well, you can find an easy yet powerful Windows Password Breaker, which helps you instantly reset forgotten administrator and other user password on all popular Windows platforms, like Windows 7/XP/2008(R2), etc.

No need of any knowledge of the lost password; no data will be lost; no need to resort to others. You can solve your problem by yourself with this program, no matter what the level of your computer skill is.

1. A USB flash drive or blank CD/DVD (A CD drive is required for CD/DVD)

2. Windows Password Breaker Professional

How-to Guide:
1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional.

2. Create a bootable password reset disk With a USB flash drive or CD/DVD.

3. Boot the locked PC form the bootable password reset USB.

4. Reset forgotten Windows XP password to blank.

5. Log on the admin account without password.

Windows Password Breaker comes in 3 editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. With the Standard edition, you can only use a CD/DVD to bypass your forgotten Windows admin password. So if you want to use USB flash drive instead of CD/DVD, it’s required to purchase the full version of Windows Password Breaker Professional. As for the Enterprise, you can select this edition if you need to reset forgotten domain administrator password on Windows Server 2008(R2)/2003(R2)/2000 that acts as domain controller.

How to crack Windows XP password without changing it?

Problem: I forgot my Windows XP password and I want to get back into my computer without changing the password. Is there a way I can do it? My account is admin. I don’t have a password reset disk.

Solution: Crack the lost Window XP admin password with Ophcrack.
Refer to crack a lost Windows password, the first thing I’ll think of is Ophcrack, a free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms. The following are the steps you can use.

1. Load the Ophcrack CD to the computer, install and run it.

2. Click on Load and select the appropriate password LM (LAN Manager) hash to use or choose PWDUMP File if the hash was dumped and saved using pwdump2.

3. Otherwise choose encrypted SAM to allow Ophcrack to dump the hashes from the SAM and SYSTEM files retrieved from a Windows machine while booting on another disk.

4. Click Tables, and select the location or folder to store the rainbow hash tables downloaded or installed by the installer.

5. Select the type of tables you wish to use

6. Click Launch to start the cracking process.

Please be patient while downloading as its 415MB (XP) LiveCD ISO image will take you much time. And please note that passwords greater than 14 characters cannot be cracked. If you are not good at computer or this program doesn’t work , you’d better to use Windows Password Breaker to crack your forgotten Windows XP admin password.

Alternative option:
Instead of recovering the lost Windows XP password, Windows Password Breaker allows you to instantly reset your forgotten Windows password to blank by creating a bootable password reset disk with a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Compared with Ophcrack, it’s faster and easier, smaller. With this powerful Windows XP password cracker, you can easily get back in your computer in 3 simple steps. And the whole process will only cost you a few minutes, no matter how long and complicated the lost password is.


Forgot login password to Windows XP?

Although Windows XP has been released for 10 years, there are many Windows XP users having no idea when he forgot Windows password. The following is an example extracted from Yahoo Answer.

I can’t login to my normal account as my password has either been forgotten or expired so I’ve been looking for ways around it. I read I could change it by logging on to my admin account through safe mode to change it, but when I do this the admin account is just a black page similar to the start up scripts. I don’t want to reinstall windows or get one of those hacker things so can someone help me out.

With respect to a lost Windows XP login password, the easiest way is to make full use of the built-in administrator account while the most preferred solution is to use an easy-yet-powerful Windows password breaker tool.

Use the built-in administrator account
1. Go to Windows XP logon screen and press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice.

2. On the coming classic log-on box, type “administrator” in the username box, and then press Enter. (If you never set a password to the admin account, you’ll be able to enter your computer via this account.)

3. Open Computer Management window by right-clicking Computer icon and selecting Manage.

4. Expand Local Users and Groups, and then expand Users folder in the left pane.

5. Right-click on your target user account to select “Reset password” to reset its password.

Use Windows Password Breaker
According to its official website, Windows Password Breaker is a powerful Windows password recovery tool for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003(R2)/2008(R2). With the help of this professional software, you can create a bootable password recovery disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset or recover any lost, unknown or forgotten Windows passwords instantly and safely.

1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional

2. Burn a bootable password recovery CD/DVD/USB drive

3. Reboot locked computer from CD/DVD/USB

4. Remove forgotten Windows password

How to create a password reset disk on Windows XP?

Almost half of Windows users are still using Windows XP as their desktop operating system, even with the forthcoming arrival of Windows 8 and Mac OX X Lion, according to a recent survey.

Although this operating system has been released for 10 years, some users are still not familiar with its built-in features, like prevent-forgotten-password that can help you create a password reset disk to in case of a forgotten Windows password. You’d like the following information if you belong to those who have no idea about a Windows XP password reset disk.

Create a password reset disk in Windows XP

1. Start your computer and insert a removable media like USB flash drive in your computer.

2. Open User Account Window by clicking Start button, clicking Control Panel. Clicking User Account, selecting your target account.

3. Click Prevent a forgotten password under the Related Task on the left pane.

4. On the coming forgotten password wizard, click Next to follow its instructions.

Use the password reset disk to change a forgotten password

1. Enter a wrong password on the Windows XP logon screen. Windows displays an error message claiming the password is incorrect if you enter the wrong password.

2. Click “OK” to close the message and click the “Reset Password” button. Insert your password reset disk or USB flash drive.

3. The password reset wizard will launch. Follow its instructions to change a forgotten
Windows XP password to a new one.

Forgot Windows XP password without password reset disk?

Advice 1: Try to press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice on logon screen, then enter administrator in the username box, press Enter when a classic logon screen appears.

Advice 2: When you forgot Windows password, just get Windows Password Breaker Professional to burn a bootable Windows password reset CD/DVD/USB to remove the lost Windows password.


How to remove administrator password in Windows XP?

In some situations, you may need to remove your administrator password in Windows XP nothwithstanding it provides a layer of protection to your computer data. You may be tired of entering the administrator password whenever you are trying to access computer; You may be blocked out of your computer resulting in a lost Windows XP administrator. Whatever your reason is, here will show you 2 ways to remove Windows XP administrator password.

Situations 1:
When you can access Windows XP administrator account

If you plan to remove your administrator password in Windows XP on the basis that you still access the account with its password, it’s extremely easy for you to complete the task. The steps as follow:

Step 1. Log in your Windows XP computer with the administrator account.

Step 2. Open User Account window by clicking on ‘Start’ menu, ‘Control Panel’ link, ‘User Accounts’ link.

Step 3. Click ‘Remove my password’ link, and on the coming up window, enter your current password and click ‘Remove password’ button to end your operations.

Situation 2:
When you cannot access Windows administrator account

Under this circumstance, the best way is to use a Windows password recovery tool to remove your Windows administrator password as limited users don’t have rights to manage other user accounts on Windows. With Windows Password Breaker, you can burn a bootable Windows password reset DISK with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive in any computer that you can run as administrator. Then you can use the created bootable password reset disk to remove your forgotten Windows administrator password. Its steps are as follows:

Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker.

Step 2. Burn a bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 3. Boot your locked PC from the bootable disk.

Step 4. Remove Windows XP administrator password.

Pease note that no computer data will be lost during or after the process. And it only take you a few minutes. It is an easy to use password recovery tool for those computer users who once forgot Windows password.