How to Bypass Windows 8 Password?

If someone asks me what the hottest operating system is at present, my answer is Windows 8, without doubt. Although this new operating system will launch in 2012, there are various rumors and leaks about it. Someone already told us the new features of Windows 8 that we should care, and the reasons to jump to the forthcoming Windows, etc. But here will focus on how to bypass a lost Windows 8 password. You can imagine it as Windows 8 is coming.

1. Use password reset disk

In Windows 7/Vista/XP, users are able to create a password reset disk through its incorporated built-in tools before the password is lost. With the password reset disk, users can easily reset the password to a new one when they failed to remember the password. If you are able to add a traditional text password in the upcoming operating system, it should come as no surprise that you can create a password reset disk to in case of a lost Widows 8 password. One problem you should care is that never forget to create the Windows 8 password reset disk before you forgot the password.

2. Use Windows password recovery tool

Though reinstalling windows is your only choice according to Microsoft when you lost Windows password without a password reset disk or admin account, there are many alternative Windows password recovery tools available. In fact, this is the most Windows password recovery solution as lots of lost Windows password users forget to create a password reset disk in advance. So if you forgot Windows 8 password, I believe you can also seek for an easy yet powerful Windows password recovery tool, like Windows Password Breaker. It helps you instantly bypass a forgotten Windows password in 3 simple steps: Download >> Burn >> Reset.

3. Use facial recognition logon

While there is no official confirmation from Microsoft about this, you can find lot of articles on the face recognition features that might be part of Windows 8. Leaked documents detailing possible features for Windows 8, suggest that Microsoft is looking at using a laptop or computer’s webcam and possibly software already used in its just announced Kinect for Xbox 360, to instantly recognize owners and let them in without questioning them further. It could be used in coming Windows to bypass the traditional login screen. An amazing feature for you, especially if you often easily forgot Windows password, isn’t it?

4. Use Graphical logon

In addition to traditional text password, you can also use graphical codes when you logon the Windows 8 operating system. Refer to graphical password logon for Windows 8, it is a system logon mode, prepares for the complete touch operation. Some of the codes are similar to the graphical codes of Android. In a picture constituted by the 4X4 array, Windows 8 users can custom their own logon password. If a device of touch screen is in use, users can logon directly with touch on it. Besides, win 8 users can also choose a picture on computer to set the password after enter the operating system. It’s an ideal option when you need to bypass a lost Windows 8 password.

Of course, the following lost Windows 8 password recovery methods are based on imagine. Whether these methods mentioned above will be take effect, time will tell us.

We will provide with the detailed Windows 8 password reset solutions as soon as Windows 8 comes out.
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