Forgot Windows 8/7/Vista/XP Password, What to Do?

Windows 8 will arrive in 2012, according to Microsoft CEO. If you are annoyed by whether to update to Windows 7, Windows 8 is another good alternative option for you undoubtedly. But no matter whether you decide to switch to Windows 8/7 or stick to Windows Vista/XP, you may get in trouble if you cannot remember your Windows login password. Here are some simple tips for your reference if you forgot Windows 8/7/Vista/XP password.

Option 1: Forgot Windows 8 password

forgot windows 8 password

Although the next generation of Windows operating system is not available at present, it doesn’t hinder you from imaging what you will do when you forgot Windows 8 password. Based on the Internet leaks, Windows 8 is said to support facial recognition. It means that you can select to log on to your Windows 8 computer with facial logon when you forgot Windows 8 password. Besides, another effective way will be available for you is to seek for an easy yet powerful Windows 8 password reset tool. I believe that sort of application will update to support the latest operating system.

Option 2: Forgot Windows 7/Vista password

With respect to forgotten Windows 7/Vista password, all available are listed below:

1. Recall your lost windows 7/Vista password by yourself or the clues offered by the password hint.
2. Change the forgotten password on Window Vista/7 by another administrator account.
3. Reset Windows 7/Vista password with a password reset disk, which can be created only before your password is forgotten.
4. Remove lost Windows 7/Vista password by using Windows password reset tool , like Windows Password Breaker. (Many lost Windows password user prefers to use this application to get out of trouble.)
5. Do system restore through Windows installation disc or a system repair disc.
6. Reinstall Windows. A good option if you have nothing important stored on computer.

Option 3: Forgot Windows XP password

When you forgot Windows XP password, you can take advantage of the methods listed above for Windows 7/Vista password reset to solve your problem.

But when it comes to reset a forgotten Windows XP password, the widely used method is to use its built-in administrator account, which is enabled and not password-protected by default. If you belong to those who stick to Windows XP, you can follow these steps.

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del twice on the logon screen to pop up the classic Windows logon screen.
2. Enter administrator in the username box and leave the password box blank, press Enter to get back in computer.

Note: This method is available provided that you never add a password to built-in administrator.

Forgot Windows 8/7/Vista/XP password? Don’t feel frustrated and start to reset it on your own.

We will provide with the detailed Windows 8 password reset solutions as soon as Windows 8 comes out.
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