How to Setup Screensaver Password in Windows 7?

Data security now is a big issue for every of us. You can add a strong Windows login password and create a Windows password reset disk in advance to avoid the troubles caused by a lost Windows password. You can also make your computer more secure by changing your password on a regular basis or encrypting your computer data with encryption software. But in this article, it’ll show you another way to secure your PC. That’s to setup screensaver password.

What’s screensaver password?

A screen saver password refers to the password that locks your computer when the screen saver is on. Adding a Windows screen saver password means you will be asked to enter your password and login to your desktop after resuming from the screen saver. It can help protect your computer for the times when you’re not at the computer, especially if you work in an open office that is accessible by the public.

Both Windows and Macintosh operating systems provide the option of password-protecting your screensaver. For Windows, the screen saver password is the same password that you use when logging on to Windows. If you want to change this type of password, you can simply change the Windows login password. If you want to set up a screensaver password, you can look at the following information.

Steps to set up screensaver password in Windows 7

Step 1. Open Screen Saver Settings by clicking the Start button -> Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Personalization -> Screen Saver.
Step 2. Select the On resume, require logon check box, set a time after which to start the screen saver, and then click Apply.

1.Choose a wait time that’s not long enough for an unauthorized person to use your computer, but not so short that if you are idle for a moment, the screen saver locks your computer.
2. If Fast User Switching is turned on, select the On resume, display logon screen check box

Alternative solution: Lock your Windows 7 PC

Enabling screensaver password is a great way to keep strangers off your computer, but you can also lock your Windows 7 PC instead. A password will be required in order to get back to the desktop. This is also an excellent feature to use in a public environment such as an office whenever you need to step away from your computer.
Step 1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL.
Step 2. Click Lock this computer.
The logon screen will appear and a password will be required in order to gain access.

To unlock it, press Ctrl+Alt+Del. A window will appear where you can enter the password for the username under which you’re logged in.

One more tip: change a screen saver

Step 1. Open Screen Saver Settings by clicking the Start button -> Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Personalization -> Screen Saver.
Step 2. Under Screen saver, in the drop-down list, click the screen saver you want to use.
Step 3. Click Preview to see what your chosen screen saver will look like. Click OK.

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