Windows 7 Password Reset with 4 Efficient Methods

How to reset Windows 7 password after you forgot it? This is a common question for Windows 7 users. Usually you set a Windows login password to prevent unauthorized access, after that, you forgot the password by chance, then what to do? Just take it easy, here are 4 reliable and efficient Windows 7 password reset methods to help you out.

Method 1: Use Windows 7 password reset tool

Windows Password Breaker is an effective Windows 7 password reset tool, which helps you create a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset Windows 7 password within minutes. You can follow the steps:

Step 1: Download Windows Password Breaker professional and install it.
Step 2: Burn a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive with the program.
create Windows 7 password reset USB/CD
Step 3: Reset Windows 7 password with the burned CD/DVD/USB.

Then you can access your computer without entering password, and the detailed Windows Password Breaker Professional user guide is also available.

Method 2: Use Windows 7 password reset disk

Windows password reset disk is a powerful Windows feature in case of forgotten password. The password reset disk can help you easily reset your forgotten Windows password with a few mouse clicks. If you have created a Windows 7 password reset disk for your locked account, now you can use it to reset the password:

Step 1: Insert Windows 7 password reset disk in computer.
Step 2: Access the Reset password option after inputting an incorrect password in Windows logon screen. When you click on the Reset password link, a Password Reset Wizard will come up to lead you to finish resetting Windows password.
click on Reset password

Method 3: Use System Recovery Options

In addition to Windows password reset disk, System Recovery Options is another Windows feature that allows you to recover Windows password. System Repair Disc and Windows 7 Setup CD can be used in this method to access System Recovery Option. Follow the steps to perform Windows 7 password recovery with System Repair Disc:

Step 1: To start the System Recovery Options environment, insert the System Repair Disc into the drive and reboot computer from CD/DVD drive.
Step 2: Select your Windows installation from the list when prompted and click Next. The System Recovery Options will be displayed as follows. Then System Restore option would help you recover password if you have created a restore point without login password.
system recovery options

Tips: How to create a system repair disc?
Step 1: Enter system repair disc in Start search box and hit Enter.
Step 2: Insert a blank disc and select the CD/DVD drive, then click Create disc to create a system repair disc.
create a system repair disc

Method 4: Use Windows 7 administrator account

Windows administrator account has the full rights on computer, which obviously can reset other account passwords. If you have an accessible Windows 7 administrator account, you can simply recover your forgotten Windows 7 password via it. Log on your computer with that accessible administrator account firstly, then follow any tips below to recover password:

Tip 1. Use Lusrmgr.msc
Step 1: Click Start button, type lusrmgr.msc in the text search box and press Enter.
Step 2: The Local Users and Groups window will come up. Double-click the Users folder, and all user accounts on the computer will be listed.
Step 3: Right-click your target account and click Set Password.
local user and groups

Tip 2. Use Netplwiz (or control userpasswords2)
Step 1: Click Start, input netplwiz in the text search box and hit Enter; or press WinKey + R, and input control userpasswords2 in the run box and click OK.
Step 2: The user accounts management window will come up. Select your target user account and click Reset Password.
user accounts
Step 3: Enter a new password and confirm it, then click OK.

Tip 3. Use Net user
Step 1: Click Start, then right-click on the Command Prompt link in the Start menu and select Run as Administrator.
Step 2: Type net user helen Pass1234 in the coming command prompt. ("helen" is your target account and "Pass1234" is its new password)
net user

Except for the above methods to reset a forgotten Windows 7 password, reinstalling Windows OS would be the last choice, which can erase Windows 7 logon password and your computer data as well.

After learning these Windows 7 password reset methods, you may find that forgetting Windows 7 password is not a big trouble. You can choose a right solution above to reset the password with ease.

Try this solution:
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Windows Password Breaker is a simple and time-cost efficient shareware to reset the unknown Windows password and without reinstalling Windows.

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