Forgot Windows XP Password: 5 Easy and Safe Methods to Fix It

Forgot Windows XP password? Never feel frustrated or panic! Keep calm and try to reset the forgotten password on your own. It’s just a simple task to reset Windows XP password, regardless of your computer skills. No need to resort to any person. Reinstalling Windows is not required, either. Don’t believe it? Just look at the following 5 steps and learn how to reset your forgotten Windows XP password by yourself in a few minutes.

Method 1. Use Windows XP password reset tool to reset the forgotten password

This is the most efficient method when it comes to reset a lost Windows password, in my regard. Whenever you forgot Windows XP password, Windows Password Breaker, a top Windows XP password reset application, can help you reset the forgotten password in a matter of minutes. It’s very easy and safe tool and anyone can use it to reset a forgotten Windows password. What’s more, Windows Password Breaker guarantees 99% success rate.

1. Download Windows Password Breaker Professional and install it in any computer.
2. Burn a bootable password reset USB/CD/DVD in a few seconds.
3. Insert the burned USB/CD/DVD in the computer you want to reset password of.
4. Boot the computer form the password reset USB/CD/DVD.
5. Reset the forgotten Widows XP password in 2 minutes.

Important: The burned bootable password reset USB/CD/DVD can be used to reset forgotten password for Windows XP/Vista/7/2008(R2)/2003(R2)/2000.

Method 2. Use password reset disk to change the password to a new one

Once you create a password for your Windows XP user, it’s better to go to the User Accounts window and click the "Prevent a forgotten password" link on the left pane. By doing this, you are able to create a password reset disk. When you forgot the password, you can change it to a new one easily through that disk as follows:

1. If you have typed the wrong password, you’ll receive a message that says your user name or password is incorrect. When this message appears, click OK.
2. Click Reset password, and then follow the instructions.

Important: This password reset disk can be only created before your password is forgotten.

Method 3. Access your computer with an Administrator to reset the lost password

Everybody knows Windows administrators have full control of the computer. By logging into as an administrator, you can do something that affects other users of the computer, including resetting password of other users. So if there’s an accessible administrator account, log into Windows XP with that admin account and reset the lost password as follows:

1. Click Start button to select Run box, then enter "lusrmgr.msc" on it and click OK. This will bring up the Local Users and Groups window.
2. Expand the folder titled Users, right-click the account that you need to reset the password for, and then click Set Password to reset its password.

Important: The built-in Administrator of Windows XP is enabled by default. If you never add a password to this account and intend to access it for password reset, please follow the steps below to log into Windows XP:

1. On the Windows XP logon screen, press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice to bring up the classic logon box.
2. Type "administrator" in the username box and leave the password box blank, then press Enter.

Method 4. Use Windows XP password recovery tool to get back the lost password

Unlike Windows XP password reset programs, Windows XP recovery password will recover your forgotten password instead of resetting it. Ophcrack is an open source Windows password recovery tool. This program basically uses something called a Rainbow Table which will go through a list or dictionary of computer hashes and passwords trying to recover the password located in the Windows SAMs file (file containing all user passwords).

Method 5. Use Windows XP Setup CD to reinstall your computer or fix the problem

If there’s nothing important on your computer, you can reinstall your Windows with a setup CD. Of course, this will erase everything on your computer. It is often regarded as the last choice. Of course, if you have created some restore points for your computer, you can also access the System Recovery Options contained in Windows installation disk and restore the computer to a pervious state.

Forgot Windows XP password? Just select one of the methods above to reset it. Just choose the one that suits you and your case best.

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